The beginnings of Pet Crematorium Amadeus

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Prior to the establishment of Pet Crematorium Amadeus in 2000, we operated an animal shelter for many years. This endeavor was fueled by love, and it marks a cherished chapter in our lives, during which the well-being of animals held paramount importance.

Pioneering Nijmegen’s first pet crematorium

The idea behind founding Nijmegen’s inaugural pet crematorium stemmed from our aspiration to provide pet owners with a sense of solace when their beloved companions pass away. This opportunity was embraced wholeheartedly.

Tender farewells

More than 20 years later, we reflect on the years during which we’ve had the privilege of guiding numerous pets and their owners towards heartfelt and affectionate farewells. The sorrow of individuals still affects us deeply, primarily because we are dedicated animal enthusiasts ourselves. Our personal lives have always been graced by the presence of pets, enabling us to genuinely comprehend the magnitude of losing a furry friend.

Positive experiences

We take pride in the customer testimonials we’ve gathered thus far. It heartens us to read about the tangible difference we make in alleviating the grief caused by pet loss. Every individual is unique, which makes our work both rewarding and challenging.

If you desire more information or you’ve identified any inaccuracies, please let us know; we’re keen to hear your thoughts.

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We are here for you.

24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

The passing of a pet can frequently catch us off guard. We understand that you may have numerous inquiries. This is why we are at your service 24/7. Pet Crematorium Amadeus is accessible even during weekends;