Cremation urns

A cherished memento of your departed companion.

A beautiful memento

If you opt for an individual cremation, you can choose to scatter the ashes of your pet or keep them in a beautiful urn. At Pet Crematorium Amadeus, you have a wide selection of urns crafted from sustainable materials such as metal, ceramic, brass, and glass. Of course, you can also bring your own memorial vessel.

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Extensive collection of urns and ash caskets

At Amadeus Pet Crematorium, you can choose from a wide range of urns crafted from durable materials such as metal, ceramic, brass, and glass. There’s a diverse selection of designs available. These beautifully crafted urns provide a wonderful keepsake, allowing your departed pet to have a special place in your home even after their passing. Below, you can explore all the available urns. The prices of the urns range from €65.00 for a small basic urn to €95.00 for a large-sized basic urn. Prices for luxury urns are available upon request.

Ash caskets

If you’re planning to scatter the ashes of your beloved pet in a specific place, you can also choose to have the ashes processed into an ash casket after the cremation. In an ash casket, also known as a scattering urn, you can securely store your pet’s ashes indefinitely. This option is available only for individual cremations. Opting for a communal cremation means you won’t receive your pet’s ashes back. However, we can scatter the ashes for you. Rates for cremations, as well as the various urns and ash caskets, can be found on the pricing page.