Children and the passing of a pet

The passing of a pet is always a sorrowful time, not only for you but also for your child. In this article, we provide tips to help ease your child’s grief and ultimately help them come to terms with the loss.

Delivering the sad news

It begins with informing your child about the sad news of their companion’s passing. Be honest but cautious about sharing excessive details. Children often find the concept of a “pet heaven” less frightening, making it a good way to explain the pet’s passing. Ensure clarity to prevent confusion. Children often understand more than adults realize.

How children grieve

Children grieve differently than adults, and they also have a different understanding of “death.” How your child copes varies depending on their age. A child aged 3 to 5 might struggle to comprehend the irreversible nature of death. A 6-year-old understands death better but might see it as something that happens to others and find it difficult to accept. Around 9 years old, a child realizes that death is universal and deals with it more consciously, which can manifest as feelings of guilt. The above doesn’t apply to every child. Observe what your child needs and provide support according to their requirements in this challenging process.

Options at a pet crematorium

If you bring your pet to a pet crematorium yourself, your pet will be placed in a farewell room. Involving your child in this process can start at home. Let them create a drawing that can be placed with the pet or pick flowers to place in the farewell room. Familiar objects from home often make situations less intimidating for children, including in the farewell room. Some children find solace in something tangible from their companion, like a toy or a strand of fur. We also offer the option to create a paw print of your pet, allowing you to take something tangible home.

Considering a new pet

When is the right time for a new pet? This is a complex question and varies for each individual. Above all, it’s important to allow enough time for the grieving process before considering a new pet. If your child is eager for a new pet right away, explain that some time is needed to bid farewell before welcoming a new pet into the household. Eventually, the question of whether and when to get a new pet will naturally arise when the time is right.

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