Selecting a memorial option for your pet’s ashes

Selecting a memorial for your departed pet’s ashes is always a challenging and personal decision. We are here to discuss all options with you and guide you in choosing the memorial that aligns best with your wishes.

An urn as a memorial

An urn is often chosen based on its design. The urn can find a special place in your home or even be placed in your garden. Urns are crafted from various materials like brass, ceramic, fiberglass, and glass. There’s even an option for a biodegradable urn. It’s important to carefully consider the type of urn you’d prefer.

  • Brass
    If you require a sturdy urn that can withstand the presence of other pets or children who may handle shiny objects, brass is an excellent choice. A brass urn is usually heavier and resilient enough to endure minor accidents.
  • Ceramic
    For a unique urn, ceramic is a popular choice. Upon the request of the pet crematorium, artists can create a handcrafted urn according to your design preferences using this material.
  • Fiberglass
    If you have a preference for more eccentric and abstract urns, we have options that cater to your taste. These are made from fiberglass, making them lightweight yet secure enough for storing ashes.
  • Biodegradable
    Temporary solutions are also available, such as biodegradable urns. These are made from two different materials, primarily salt or sand. This is a logical choice if you’re selecting a final resting place near water or soil, like in your garden.
  • Glass
    Lastly, a glass urn is also an option. Contrary to what you might assume, a glass urn is not transparent. Glass urns are precision handcrafted and often a work of art in themselves.

Options with an ash casket

An ash casket can be used to transport your pet’s ashes from the pet crematorium to your home. Alternatively, the ash casket can be used for complete burial. It’s made from biodegradable cardboard, blending seamlessly with nature in your garden, forest, or other resting place without negative environmental impact. Lastly, the ash casket can also be used to scatter the ashes at a desired location.

A memorial in the form of an ash pendant

An ash pendant is a cherished keepsake that you can carry with you always. Currently, we do not have necklaces in our assortment, but we can order them for you. Additionally, we can also order jewelry in the form of a ring, bracelet, or earring. Moreover, you’re welcome to bring your own (purchased) memorial item to have the ashes incorporated.

We understand that this is a lot of information to process during a time of grieving for your beloved pet. Dierencrematorium Amadeus in Nijmegen is here to assist and guide you in finding a beautiful final resting place through a memorial that suits you and your pet best.

If you’d like more information or if you’ve discovered any errors, please let us know. We welcome your feedback.

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